ProLon vs. Dr. Kellyann: Which Diet Plan Is Right for You?

Compare ProLon and Dr. Kellyann diets. Discover the fasting-mimicking ProLon plan vs. bone broth-based Dr. Kellyann programs for your goals.

If you’re curious about trying a diet program like ProLon or Dr. Kellyann’s, here’s the quick answer: ProLon focuses on a five-day fasting-mimicking approach, while Dr. Kellyann centers around bone broth-based intermittent fasting and meal plans. Picking the right one depends on your lifestyle, goals, and how you like your meals. Let’s dive into both plans to help you make an informed choice.

Key Takeaways

  1. ProLon: A structured five-day program offering low-calorie plant-based meals.
  2. Dr. Kellyann: Promotes a mix of bone broth-based recipes and intermittent fasting.
  3. Choosing the Best Plan: Depends on your preferences, like convenience and food types.

ProLon: Fasting, but Not Quite Fasting

ProLon is a five-day, low-calorie meal plan that mimics fasting. It’s not just water and willpower; instead, the kit includes pre-packaged soups, snacks, and supplements. Here are the basics:

What Makes ProLon Unique

  • Fasting-Mimicking: Designed to give your body the benefits of fasting without making you feel like you’re starving.
  • Scientific Research: Studies back its claims of promoting longevity and improving metabolic health .

Pros and Cons of ProLon

Scientifically backedExpensive for a five-day plan
Easy to followMay cause hunger or low energy initially
Conveniently packagedOnly five days, so not a long-term fix
Vegan-friendlyLimited food options may not appeal to all

Dr. Kellyann: Broth-Based Diet with Intermittent Fasting

Dr. Kellyann’s diet revolves around bone broth, intermittent fasting, and whole foods. Her programs aim to reduce inflammation, aid weight loss, and improve gut health. Here’s what to expect:

  • Structure: Alternating days of bone broth fasting with whole-food-based meals.
  • Flexibility: Multiple plans, like a 10-day belly slimdown or a 21-day bone broth diet.
  • Foods: Emphasizes bone broth, smoothies, and anti-inflammatory foods.

What Sets Dr. Kellyann Apart

  • Bone Broth Power: Bone broth is rich in collagen, minerals, and amino acids, touted for skin and joint health .
  • Adaptable Plans: Customizable plans with varying lengths and focuses, making it easier to choose one that suits you.

Pros and Cons of Dr. Kellyann’s Diet

Flexible, customizableBone broth taste might not appeal to everyone
Supports gut healthRequires meal prep and planning
Promotes anti-inflammatory eatingSome may find intermittent fasting challenging

Choosing the Best Plan: ProLon or Dr. Kellyann?

Both ProLon and Dr. Kellyann’s diets offer unique ways to approach weight loss and health, but one might work better for you based on your needs.

  • If You Want Convenience: ProLon’s five-day program requires little meal prep since everything is pre-packaged.
  • If You Like Flexibility: Dr. Kellyann offers multiple plans, allowing for customization and more meal choices.
  • If You’re on a Budget: Dr. Kellyann’s diet uses affordable bone broth and whole foods, while ProLon can be pricier.

Ultimately, think about your lifestyle, goals, and preferences when picking one. ProLon’s fasting-mimicking approach could give you a quick reset, while Dr. Kellyann’s bone broth diet offers a more long-term lifestyle change. Either way, both programs emphasize whole foods and intermittent fasting, so they share some similar principles that can help guide your journey.


Deciding between ProLon and Dr. Kellyann is a personal choice. Whether you want a quick kickstart or a lasting change, these diets could be the start of your health transformation.


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